Youth Achievers' Committee offers a number of programs throughout the year.

Coriell Institute Science Fair(Spring) - this Tri-County event is sponsored by the Coriell Institute. Winners in grades 6-12 from our annual YAC Science and Math Fairs become eligible to participate in this competition. Winners from the Coriell Fair become eligible for entry in the Delaware Valley Science Fair and ultimately the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Spring Project - The Annual Spring Project, usually conducted in April or May, has brought to the Burlington County area such exciting presentations as put on by the Mad Scientist of New Jersey and Daryl Baynes of Minority Aviation Education Association (MAEA). Both of these programs are highly interactive, hands-on, science "magic" shows, which during the presentation expose the science, entwined within the "magic".

In recent years the Spring Project has included a Science Poster and Essay Contest. Students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade prepare posters or write essays related to a particular science theme or topic. The posters and essays are judged for excellence and the winners are identified at an Awards Ceremony. The winning students often get the opportunity to display their posters or read their essays to the general audience so that their parents, family, teachers and peers might see and hear the outstanding entries in each category. The experience helps to overcome the fear that students have when asked to put their thoughts on paper. In addition, excellent writing skills are reinforced as the students progress toward high school and college.

Summer Internship Program - The Summer Internship Program provides opportunities for youth of Burlington County to gain meaningful summer employment with an organization which makes extensive use of science, math and/or engineering. The internship program purpose is to provide relevant employment experience to the students and to open doors to future long term employment.

YAC College Scholarships - YAC awards graduating high school students with monetary scholarships. Each scholarship is awarded to a student who has been accepted into college and plans to pursue a career in Science, Math, Engineering or related industry.

YAC Book Awards - YAC Book awards are presented to graduating high school students who have participated in YAC programs and have been accepted to college.

Pre-College Programs (Summer) -YAC partners with local colleges and universities to enable our students to participate in various summer programs. These programs serve as a vehicle to prepare our students for continued educational pursuits.

YAC SAT Prep - YAC sponsors a series of training sessions to enhance preparation for the SAT examination. The program promotes academic readiness and competitiveness in our students. We provide this training to significantly increase test scores on standardized tests.

Science Fair - Our culminating event of the year. Students in grades K-12 are invited to submit individual, team or family projects for review by a distinguished panel of judges. Formal closing ceremony includes awarding of cash prizes and trophies. Educational Forum brings together a number of organizations to provide information to parents of our students about valuable youth resources throughout the county.

Tutorial and Basic Skills Enhancement - Youth Achievers' Committee Tutorial and Basic Skills Enhancement Program is designed to empower minority and at-risk students of our community to improve their grades, bolster their confidence and to assure their academic growth as they progress through school and on into the advanced challenges of life. Students are recommended to the program by parents and/or schools that recognize their need for assistance with reading, math and comprehension skills. The program identifies, through diagnostic assessments, areas of academic weakness in each student and proceeds to fortify the students in these specific areas. Students also receive assistance as needed with homework assignments and general preparation for standardized testing. Students are generally tutored on a one-on-one basis by New Jersey certified school teachers who have retired from schools throughout the state and others who bring a wealth of specialized knowledge in math, physics and engineering from their college training and their employment experiences.

Interview Skills Training - Year after year, as the Youth Achievers' Committee (YAC) interviewed graduating High School Seniors who had applied for College Scholarships, it became more and more apparent that many of our students were ill prepared for the interview process. YAC determined that many of our young men and women were forfeiting significant college scholarship and employment opportunities because they were poorly prepared to present themselves with impact. We determined that with the proper training, our young men and women could be as successful during the interview process as any others.

YAC launched an Interview Skills Training program for High School Juniors and Seniors who were committed to improving their personal presentation skills. The program emphasizes appropriate attire, professional demeanor, posture, language skills, preparatory research and more. Prior to the end of the training, students have the opportunity to present themselves during mock interviews before real corporate executives who provide direct feed-back as to the preparedness of each student.

Industry Visits - Youth Achievers' Committee (YAC) makes an effort to provide youth of Burlington County with the opportunity to visit various corporations, industries and businesses that rely heavily upon science, math and engineering. Corporations, industries and businesses are contacted to determine their willingness to receive, entertain and educate students who may be interested in pursuing a science or math career. Local schools are contacted to determine which schools would be willing to engage in a trip to industry. Interested schools find a date and time which coincides with the calendar of the receiving industry. YAC assists in any way necessary to insure that the arrangements and the trip are as smooth as possible. During the visit, effort is made to expose the students to as much of the business operations as possible, giving them interactive, hands-on experiences wherever possible.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC.yac) - In an effort to improve the outreach and effectiveness of our programs, Youth Achievers' Committee (YAC) each month calls together youth from 8th thru 12th grades from various locations throughout Burlington County. Attention is focused on goals and objectives set forth by YAC. Identifying this body of students as Youth Achievers' Committee, Youth Advisory Council, they soon became affectionately known as YAC.yac. The monthly meetings are designed to: Review and critique programs and activities being planned by the Youth Achievers' Committee with the view toward making them more adequately address the needs of and to help insure that they are well received by the targeted youth. Promoting participation in the planned program, e.g. encouraging their peers to become involved. Creating programs of particular interest to the youth of YAC.yac. Regular monthly meetings have included science based competitive games, guest speakers, program planning, etc. Outside trips have included the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA, Habitat for Humanity in Cinnaminson, NJ, and a visit to Cornell University in Ithica, NY. Youth from 8th thru 12th Grades are encouraged to participate. Call us at (609) 747-7744 or contact us at

Technical Skills Generation Program - The Technical Skills Generation Program (TSGP) is designed to provide useful and economical web-site design and maintenance services to the Youth Achievers' Committee (YAC) and at the same time develop technological skills and offer invaluable experience to the youngsters of our community. Under direct supervision of designated technology professionals, the TSGP team will create a model web-design company which will design and maintain the web-site of each business client, beginning with the Youth Achievers' Committee. The program will teach our youngsters to apply practical technology and business skills that will provide real technical services to YAC (and other businesses in the future). The program will offer youngsters who may not have previously considered it, the opportunity to work in a technical capacity, gaining the experience and certification needed to enter the technology business world.

Members of YAC's Youth Advisory Council (YAC.yac) and other interested students in 8th thru 12th grades may apply by contacing the Youth Achievers' Committee at 609-747-7744 or at or P.O. Box 1264, Burlington, NJ 08016. Team members will be selected on a best qualified and first come basis. There will be a limited number of positions on the team.

Participants assume various roles, including Program Manager, Executive Assistant, Technical Leader, Project Manager, etc. Each role will have a specific set of requirements and responsibilities. Within the nine months of operation (coinciding with the school year), each member of the team will rotate through each of the roles in a prescribed manner. Upon completion of a successful year, certifications will be delivered to those who successfully completed the training.