Scientific discovery continues to develop at a staggering pace and technological advances allow the information pertaining to those discoveries to be disseminated almost instantly around the world. It has been said that, "changes in global economies, geo-political boundaries, ethical and moral challenges and rapid changes in the demographic profile of our county, state and nation, dictate that our youth be capable of digesting and utilizing new information at a dizzying pace." Yet, information is not all with which our youth must contend. They have to be global citizens: driven by values, a pursuit of excellence and a heart toward service.

As an intermediate school science teacher, I am reminded that this generation of youth is focused on what can and must be done for them. I share with them the words of President John F. Kennedy, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." The former president's words are a constant reminder that we have to think beyond ourselves to our families, communities and our country. It is our obligation as a community of concerned parents, mentors and teachers, to prepare our youth to excel in every area of their lives. They must be morally grounded, self-confident problem solvers and excellent decision makers so that they can bless their families, communities, and employers as they have been blessed.

We have not gotten this far on our own. The Youth Achievers' Committee appreciates the past and present efforts of teachers, mentors and parents. They are our circle of support and encouragement. They work with us as we have worked with their children and students. We seek to expand this group and increase our contribution to the development of the youth in Burlington County and vicinity. YAC volunteers are also vital to the success of our efforts. They not only lend a helping hand to our programs, but they also enrich the lives of the youth and inspire them to believe in themselves, strive for excellence and achieve their very best. We encourage you to find out more and consider becoming involved.

We have experienced a renaissance over the past year. As our funding base has expanded, so too has our current program roster. We continue to offer our current programs: The Annual Math & Science Fair, Spring Project, Industry visits, and the Youth Advisory Council, YAC.yac - designed to increase youth involvement. All of these programs have been extremely popular and successful, but we will not rest on laurels. We are also offering new programs: Tutorial & Basic Skills Enhancement, Summer Enrichment Program, Internships, Early College Preparation and Adult Education.

We are fortunate to have partners in this work; those who share our commitment and concern for the youth of this community. Local schools, churches, corporations and the federal government have all joined us in this effort. Without their support, our job would be infinitely more difficult. We realize the value in working together with like-minded people who share our commitment to strive to be a positive catalyst to create a community of youth who are morally, academically, and financially excellent.

A special word of thanks to the Members of Youth Achievers Committee for their many years of selfless service to the organization. Through your vision and dedication, many youth in the Burlington County area are realizing their full potential. Remember, if you can't find a path, make one.

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